Poem 20160316

we wave goodbye, farewell
and wait and watch to see
which of us will be first
the first to drop their hand
the first to give in to
the inevitable

no way to prevent it
this game of fearful thoughts
a dimming of brightness
a cooling of passions
less i love you more than
why do you love me less


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #28

Poem 20151224

white-faced and alone
in the evening sky
this christmas-eve moon
looks lonely
her light so bright
she’s driven away all
but the brightest of stars
who drift outside her halo
just out of reach

i too have felt this melancholy
at christmas
this outside
this feeling
that everyone is connecting
and enjoying the season
except for me

so, i’ll keep you company, moon
and you keep shining
your light may be cold
but we are fast friends
here in the dark