grounded dreams (20160621)

i don’t know the meaning
of dreams anymore.
i raise my hands but there is no
parting of the clouds.

i tried automatic writing
once. i let the other
take over. scribbles and cries–
i don’t know. the meaning

may be buried under the ground
struggling, but ready to bloom.
or is it just the decay
of dreams? anymore,

i find that it doesn’t matter.
i don’t need to understand
how the automatic door works.
i pretend to use the force.
i raise my hands.

it obeys, and opens.
i find that there are still
surprises left to be surprised by,
and maybe one more
parting of the clouds.


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #42

whisper (20160527)

what is the meaning of a whisper
purred by a lover?
the message cannot be heard
within the constraints
of normal conversation
consciousness must be forcibly shunned
the message a secret
to both life and death
you will have to step into that
shadow between them
the threshold of here and there
and even then you will only ever
repeat what you have learned
in a whisper