grounded dreams (20160621)

i don’t know the meaning
of dreams anymore.
i raise my hands but there is no
parting of the clouds.

i tried automatic writing
once. i let the other
take over. scribbles and cries–
i don’t know. the meaning

may be buried under the ground
struggling, but ready to bloom.
or is it just the decay
of dreams? anymore,

i find that it doesn’t matter.
i don’t need to understand
how the automatic door works.
i pretend to use the force.
i raise my hands.

it obeys, and opens.
i find that there are still
surprises left to be surprised by,
and maybe one more
parting of the clouds.


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #42

9 thoughts on “grounded dreams (20160621)”

  1. I think that dreams are our inner child kicking up the piles of leaves that are our ordered thoughts.

    1. God, I hope not. If that’s true my inner child is messed up. Or maybe my ordered thoughts aren’t all that orderly.

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