Poem 20160211

like spring
you bring growth in me
burgeoning green shoots
tendrils of pale yellow
reaching for the sun

like summer
you give me the sleepy
hums of insects
the sweet-tart taste of lemonade
and the smell of fresh cut lawns

like autumn
you wrap me in sweaters and coats
you are the gold explosions of leaves
that the wind sets in circular dance

like winter
you give me rest and peace
while darkness overtakes light
still we have this fire
this time, this together

Edited on 20160214 to remove that last two stanzas to create a new poem with them. See here.

Poem 20150603

let the hands move

they move

they move on

they move of their own accord

a truth in their movement
a truth in how
they slide
the hands slide
the hands pause
and trace shapes
and trace curves

let them trace
let them draw
let them follow
and grasp
and hold

each hand
five fingers true
and a truth in the muscles
and in the tendons
and in the bones
and in the marrow of the bones
and in the anima that moves them

Poem 20150307

let’s not forget where we came from
and what we are
sweating sacks of meat
full of holes and sticky protrusions
gibbering blobs of flesh
fire and wetness and groping hands
slobbering mouths and undulating tongues
winking and blinking in the sunlight
scurrying and huddling together on moonless nights
and finding peace only in others
like outselves

Poem 20150213

break all the hearts
snap them until your hands
are caked with candy dust
and the food safe inks
coat your fingers like
dig out the cherry centers
of all the chocolates
evacuate the liqueur
and save it to burn in lamps
made of human flesh
and human bone
call upon st. valentine
to strike with his crozier
to break open every heaving chest
expose every swiftly beating heart
like a surgeon intent
on eradicating some diseased
greasy, necrotized mass of tissue
so the lungs can finally fill with air