candy and concrete (20161022)


surrounded by
eternity’s fat fathers
velvet words
a poisonous, laughing poetry
perfumed breath of women
borne on ferocious breezes
decay a liquid ghost
tasting like candy and concrete

her heart lies
but never voices her magic rhythm


Specks and Fragments/The Elusive Trope
Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge: A Chorus Line (10.22.16)

Poem 20150213

break all the hearts
snap them until your hands
are caked with candy dust
and the food safe inks
coat your fingers like
dig out the cherry centers
of all the chocolates
evacuate the liqueur
and save it to burn in lamps
made of human flesh
and human bone
call upon st. valentine
to strike with his crozier
to break open every heaving chest
expose every swiftly beating heart
like a surgeon intent
on eradicating some diseased
greasy, necrotized mass of tissue
so the lungs can finally fill with air