Poem 20160211

like spring
you bring growth in me
burgeoning green shoots
tendrils of pale yellow
reaching for the sun

like summer
you give me the sleepy
hums of insects
the sweet-tart taste of lemonade
and the smell of fresh cut lawns

like autumn
you wrap me in sweaters and coats
you are the gold explosions of leaves
that the wind sets in circular dance

like winter
you give me rest and peace
while darkness overtakes light
still we have this fire
this time, this together

Edited on 20160214 to remove that last two stanzas to create a new poem with them. See here.

6 thoughts on “Poem 20160211”

  1. Charles, am wondering if the last two stanza’s could rest or be developed as a single poem. ‘this time, this together’
    feels an appropriate end to a deft four stanzas

    1. Cause I think I agree. Even when writing it the last two seemed strong enough on their own and maybe out of tone with the rest.

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