tattle (20171022)

layer by layer
i will open the old man up
and we’ll see
if he keeps that smile
plastered on his face
we’ll see
if the light finally goes out
in that ruined eye
we’ll see
if he kept his heart in his body
like a good boy
if he stashed it away
in the walls
under the floorboards

the runcheon rattles

photo by Driscoll

the runcheon rattles, its chains are long
it keens a ghostly murder song
upon the moors, upon the heath
with rasping, fetid, icy breath

the runcheon rattles, its chains unwind
with wailing moan it hunts though blind
across the meadow, out of the wood
where no child ventures whose soul is good

the runcheon rattles, its chains pulled taut
’tis bloody though it lacks a heart
amidst the town, within the lane
it shudders in the cold and rain

the runcheon rattles, its chains a ruin
its labored breath a grating tune
beyond the hedge, through the gate
it tarries not lest it be late

the runcheon rattles, by chains unbound
all too soon its prey’s been found
upon your hearth a sudden frost
the runcheon rattles–and you are lost

wither, ancient spirit (20161029)

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 8.03.03 PM.png

as the animal blossoms
a wild moon breathes out
this soul follows secret winter

wither, ancient spirit!
murmur and wander no more


Specks and Fragments/Elusive Trope
Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge
All Hallows’ Eve Poetry Slam

Poem 20151031

every halloween, the pillowcase
was filled
so much candy
and we had to pour it out on the table
and we would pore over the pieces
look for broken wrappers
and put aside
everything homemade
or open
along with the pencils
and religious tracts
that explained why halloween
was evil

then the candy was sorted
chocolates with peanut butter
into tier one
other chocolate candy bars
with familiar names
into tier two
chewy candies into three
and then hard candies
and candy corn into
the pile
that we didn’t care if someone snuck
a piece

the candy would last
almost until the first of the year
and then

and i can still smell
the plastic of the inside
of the mask
held to my head
with an elastic band
that always seemed to break
two-thirds of the way through
the walk

Post 20151024

Here’s one of my infrequent posts.

I just posted something a little spooky. Probably not too spooky. But here’s the deal. I love Halloween. So I’d like to offer a challenge to anyone who still reads this (my stats indicate I don’t get many actual visitors). We have exactly one week until Halloween. For each day, pick a Halloween theme and write a poem. For example: a trick, a treat, something scary, a Halloween memory, anything as long as you can relate it to Halloween. Tag it with “halloween challenge” so I can find it.

No prizes. Who am I, Rockefeller?