Day 26/30 of the Tupelo 30/30 Project (20170826)

can you really say
that the stars have no influence
over your life?….


My poem she was tuesday’s child is available to read at the Tupelo 30/30 project page. Today’s poem is brought to you courtesy of a SPONSORED title from D. Ellis Phelps of FORMIDABLE WOMAN SANCTUARY. Also, today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday, D!

Poet 20151128

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

–William Blake,
from Auguries of Innocence

Today is William Blake’s birthday. He is one of my favorite poets, one I still turn to when I want to see how someone forcefully made the world into a place habitable for himself.