the ethics of video games (20170312)

i don’t care for squirrels
–i know this about myself–
and i know i should probably
feel bad every time
a coyote or a yellow-eyed hawk
gets one for dinner
but that’s nature
one less squirrel
means one less marauder
of my peaches

–i do feel bad for the little
bastards when they get hit
by cars
(but i hate people
(especially drivers
(especially any driver
in front of me)))–

and i can’t explain why
even in a game
i feel guilty about
hunting a fox
because i would never do that
in my real life
and i know it’s not even real
but i hear the barks
and i think

–that’s a sin–

balloon animals (20161213)

a room full of
transparent balloons
bouncing off one another

sometimes the static
electricity joins them
together but the air
conditioner will blow
–maybe gently, maybe not–
and they separate

we can see through them
but what animates them
that remains invisible
the lights may as well
be off
we may as will have
pins for fingers

how the stars came to be (20160625)

when the world was new
and the sky was still
a thing of darkness
the animals strove to
fill it up with light

the lion
climbed the highest tree
filling the air with
the thunder of his roar
he became the sun

the fox
curled into a circle
near a lake where
her reflection blurred
and she became the moon

while the cat and the snake
argued over who would accompany
the fox in her nightly journeys
they did not see the finch
pluck hair from the lion’s mane
from the fox’s tail
and scatter them
through the darkness