mealtime (20171011)

if food only went one way
–forget about the conservation
of matter here–

if food only went one way
how long would it take
to get sick of chewing
and swallowing

how many words would we have
for full then
more than inuit words for snow

let’s say that you can
only eat so many
meals before
it stops going down
starts backing up

you can’t eat anymore
because your last meal
a pastrami sandwich that looked
great on the menu
now hangs greasy and wet
from your mouth
you chin shines and
the thought of putting one
more thing in your mouth
is enough to make you
want to pull out your teeth
with pliers
and sew your lips closed

how long do we have to sit
at a table set with ignorance
who the hell keeps passing the rolls

14 thoughts on “mealtime (20171011)”

  1. Oh yuk. I won’t be eating a pastrami sandwich for a while after that. So well painted, unfortunately.

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