Tupelo 30/30 Challenge Reminder


Just a reminder that I am participating in the Tupelo 30/30 project for August, now less than a handful of days away.

I write 30 poems in 30 days in an attempt to draw attention to the important work Tupelo Press (an independent press) is doing in promoting poets and their work.

Of course, I don’t ask you to do something for nothing. In return for your support, I am offering these fine rewards:

  • Pick the Title—For $15, you provide me with a title and I will write a poem about it. Yes, the poem will in some way relate to the title, unlike many of my usual poems. Yes, your title can be whatever you pick.
  • Pick the Words—Also for $15, three words of your choosing will somehow be magically incorporated into a poem.
  • Collab—Another measly $15 will give you the option of writing the first half of a poem, up to five lines, and I will complete you endeavor in my stylish… style.
  • Listen to My Words—For only $25, pick one of the first three options and I will throw in, for a nominal surcharge, a recording of my voice reading that same poem. Two out of three listeners can’t tell the difference between my voice and a burlap sack full of rabid badgers.
  • Put it in Writing—Also for $25, you can pick any one of the first three options and I will send you a physically typed on actual paper copy (including smudges and typos) of the poem you have selected.
  • Kitchen Sink—For $30 you can pick any of the first three options and receive Listen to My Words and Put it in Writing benefits AND save $5. I feel like a KickStarter.
  • Strings Free Donation—Just feel like sponsoring me, donating a random amount, but don’t feel the need to get anything back but some warm fuzzy feelings? I appreciate that too. It’s like when I had to sell candy or run laps as a kid. No one expected the chocolate to be any good, but the sponsorship made it taste better.

To donate, please go this page for further instructions. I won’t try to guilt you by saying something like, Won’t you please think of the children? Because if you were thinking of the children, you’d be sending me money directly to never record my voice again.

5 thoughts on “Tupelo 30/30 Challenge Reminder”

  1. I’ll sponsor you, my darling Crow. On Monday, I’ll let you know… need to think of the theme I want to draw out of your mind and beak. Just the thought of you mouthing my words fills me with shivers. 😊

  2. Dear Crow: I’d love to sponsor you for a poem on my auspicios birthday, Aug 26th. May I reserve the date? I will click and donate with a ” line” for you.

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