copper (20161214)

round red leaves litter the pavement
pennies scattered from threadbare pockets

someone disappeared
and took their words with them

i thought to look because another
returned after a long hiatus

but the ghost
is a mist taken by dry winds

why dwell on another’s choices
why feel the sinking in the chest
the pit of the stomach
why ache for someone i read
but did not know

tomorrow i will look at leaves
and see pennies again
and count their value in more
than copper

7 thoughts on “copper (20161214)”

  1. Sometimes I think about those absences and wonder what I’m missing.
    For myself, I seem to get a lot of inspiration from the words of others, lately. If I were to be absent, I don’t know how many words there would be to miss.

  2. ‘Why ache for someone I read but did not know’….you notice, consider scenarios…but what can you do…I like your leaves/pennies… in Canada our pennies are out of circulation…pennies no more.

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