smooth as wax (20160724)

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sordid and repulsive
i recall your languid arm
smooth as wax
your summer blood smeared
on my tongue
sweet skin whispering
please worship me


Elusive Trope
Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge

17 thoughts on “smooth as wax (20160724)”

      1. No disrespect intended. I just think it’s funny that we can get the same basic pool of words and come up with such different poems. 🙂

      2. Ha ha. I know. I was just kidding. But it is strange how the same set of words can be recombined to create so many different worlds.

  1. These words come from magnetic tombola voodoo? This takes me back to when I found out that Bowie lyrics were from newspaper cuttings. I still love Bowie. I should write a poem made up of the Epitaphs written about him. See how he likes it!

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