finger bones (20160614)

today my hands hurt
and i struggle with the clay
cutting the base free
to mount it on more clay
to raise it up

the finger bones ache
and i think a good use for them
would be a mala necklace

i ignore the pain
in the joints
but feel it while driving home

these little betrayals
of body makes
a little more paunch
a little less hair
a little more nose
a lot more jowl
so many more things to worry about
and the constant threat
of pain in the feet
of pain in the hands
the chest

memento mori
i count these off
on my finger bones
om mani padme hum


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Daily Prompt: Struggle

18 thoughts on “finger bones (20160614)”

    1. It’s not too bad most of the time. I just like to complain. But the deep breathing helps everything up to a point. It’s just part of being here on this rock I suppose.

  1. Excellent piece, Crow. I especially like “these little betrayals of body makes.” ♥

    I can relate. I have RA and sometimes typing is too painful to contemplate. It’s good that we have creative outlets.

    1. Thanks, Merrie. I’m sorry to hear about your RA. I know that’s really rough to deal with. I think mine is the osteo variety, though I haven’t even talked to a doctor about it. Yet. Of course, I just started getting into sculpting recently, so lots of working with my hands there. D’oh!

      1. Even though it hurts, I’ve heard it’s good to continue work with your hands. It keeps the muscles limber and flexible, which is supposed to help. I hope you’ll share some of your sculpture one day. I’d love to see your work!

      2. I’ve got one piece that I’m really proud of drying before it goes in the kiln. Once it’s done I’ll post pictures here.

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