on not ruining you (Poem 20160508)

i’m always relieved to see you smile
it means that i didn’t ruin you

(this is a song that i sing to myself)

i used to only hum it but i learned the words
so i could write it down
so i could write a chorus
so i could play guitar during a round at camp by a fire
but i never learned guitar
but i hated camp
but there’s not enough money to get me to lead a round
of anything

you are roses freshly and newly bloomed
and i am the mud staining the thorns
the blemish of mildew on the leaves
aphids attaching and draining

and your smile is the fragrance that spins my head
and if my head were to come clean off
it would sing my song
and i would not regret it

6 thoughts on “on not ruining you (Poem 20160508)”

  1. Powerful… But which is the part you used to sing to yourself: the first two lines, or the rest? Just curious, I guess… šŸ™‚

    I can almost hear the whole thing on repeat in my mind…

  2. Each line hits hard, the entire poem runs deep! Absolutely Brilliant! You have a natural talent with words. – Cezane

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