music of the spheres (20171214)

breaking like

a guitar string breaks
after fat fingered fret pressing

digging into tips
(calloused or not)
trenches or primordial scar tissue
(or not)

all vibration
either in air or universal ether

no chance to make a chord

that the single strand


miniature waterfall and what it said (20170401)

sun bounces white
a horizontal bar
across the falling water
no cascade no foam
no churning among the pebbles
yet the water speaks for the light

understand how voices once
were heard proceeding forth
from burning bushes which
did not become ash

but don’t pretend
to understand
the voices


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backmasking (20160930)

i had some records
that i would put on
the turntable
drop the needle
and spin
them backwards

we’d all heard about
led zeppelin’s secret
messages but the
beatles were more to my
the creepy
paul is dead rumor
–it would be a meme now–
filled me with longing dread
half-hoping it were true
knowing it couldn’t be

vinyl is hip again
in small doses
because you can’t let
nostalgia grow too big
or you won’t make money

my voice is a backwards
no needles and vinyl
just digitally flipped
like the waves
pulling me out
washing me up


Now with audio!

backmasking 1

backmasking 2

Poem 20160215

my words disappear as i type
them like some kind of magic
trick like when i was a
kid and had disappearing
ink that you could squirt and the

color would evaporate
only now it’s words on
the screen little black
marks that wink out of existence

almost as soon as i type
them and what happens
when my voice fades away

as soon as i speak
but then that