Poem 20160215

my words disappear as i type
them like some kind of magic
trick like when i was a
kid and had disappearing
ink that you could squirt and the

color would evaporate
only now it’s words on
the screen little black
marks that wink out of existence

almost as soon as i type
them and what happens
when my voice fades away

as soon as i speak
but then that


3 thoughts on “Poem 20160215”

  1. This has actually been happening to me! Lol! It’s like you plucked these thoughts and words up from wherever they mysteriously vanished to… I am very glad to see they found a good home and the care and eloquence of a kindred soul… šŸ™‚ Thank you for saying what I have not been able to…

    1. This was actually inspired by an experience I had on WordPress the other night. Post would load in my reader, but only partially. It looked like a blackout poem with no rhyme or reason.

      1. Exactly, only on my end, someone/thing was “stealing” my words as I typed. I’d look up, and they were simply gone. A post I published showed up in my archives with a date of October 2015, and I could (after some effort) type comments, but when I hit send, they disappeared… lol! Never did find them. Very odd week on WordPress… šŸ™‚

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