saltwater (20160628)

begin in water
a stinking slime
of protein chains
so many links
of uncut summer fat sausages

emerge from the last life
dripping wet and bloody
emerge into the next life
pave the way

our veins, rivers
leading to the ocean
of the heart

the salty water of
our throbbing veins
our throbbing heart

one ocean with many names
one heart in so many chests
we float
we drown
we float again


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Water

Poem 20150512

according to my high school
biology teacher
we are mostly water

sacks of salty liquid refreshment
a little fat
a little meat
some gristle and bones

but even the meat and bones
are mostly water
and if you could siphon that off
maybe reclaim the water
for the drought
and apply enough pressure and time
to the bones and powder-soft organs
we would all be diamonds
shiny, hard scintillating gems