olfactory event (20191108)

the late night fog
carries the smell of candy

the dog doesn’t notice
or is uninterested
or i imagine it

each of these potential realities
is equally valid

in other universes my little hunter
has a cold
has scented a coyote
i am having an intracranial incident

i cannot avoid what
the night fog offers me

no bitter oil slick of chocolate
no icy bite of mint
no slow burn of cinnamon

just the sick-sweet punch
of fluorescent waxes filled with
sugar syrup and unspecified fruit flavors
a preschool classroom
after snack time
each mouth red-ringed
exhaling diabetic clouds
during nap time


the morning fog replaces this
with the odors of wet
and standing beneath one
broad-leafed tree
the sound of rain
local to this spot
instantiated in this moment
dew condenses
dripping leaf to leaf

8 thoughts on “olfactory event (20191108)”

      1. Doing all right, Sheldon. No real complaints that are worth anything. Glad to see you around.

        Looking for insanity? You can’t shake a stick without shaking that out of the trees.

  1. Ha! The Olfactory Event made me sneeze —- so much wiffery going on, my nose was in heaven. ❤️👃🏼 Diabetic clouds —- lol. Beware of fudge sludge and peppermint precipitation😆

  2. Color me dorky! Thanks Crow Man. I’ll read more of your poems this week when I have free time. Btw, love your Santa carvings! Damn, you’re full of surprises.

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