something red (20170703)

i am a brick
i am made of bricks

one is reductive
the other an amalgam

both are red and brittle
and you can draw on the sidewalk
with a bit of it
clutched in your fist
hanging of the the bottom
of your hand
like a turd
that won’t drop

they say the jews
made bricks in egypt
and built the pyramids
even though that’s
probably not the case
but who knows

i have a time machine
in my head
but it’s faulty
no matter
how i try to travel to the future
the damned thing always pulls up
to a new york apartment
i don’t know and wasn’t

a doorman opens the door
his coat is red
the color of bricks

brick by brick (20160913)

i will build a pyramid
i will use bricks made
from the ashes of the dead
and blood from those who
delivered them into the cold
mother’s embrace

the mortar–ah the mortar
every word uttered
from mouths darkened
by the pitch of hate

it will rise above clouds
survivors will be forced
to climb its steep steps
in spite of the thinning

comes at a price
and the damned and the dead
have an infinite number
of fingers to point
at the living