reunion (20160721)

waiting in the airport
for the arrivals
but so is everyone here

two young women
lean over the walkway
one dressed for summer
one dressed for seduction

who are they waiting for
i wonder to myself
before i once again
let my phone distract me

but i keep returning to them
she’s dressed in a way
that means someone
is getting lucky tonight

finally he appears
some young adonis
swarthy to her pale skin
all smiles when she rushes
and leaps into his arms
wrapping her legs around his waist
while she kisses him
and her summer friend
dutifully records this reunion
with her phone

i wonder if she’s bitter
that she’s holding the phone
or is she happy for her friends
knowing that she’ll be driving
while tangle up in the back seat

8 thoughts on “reunion (20160721)”

    1. Thanks! Nothing is more boring that standing around waiting. Luckily there are usually people to watch and make up stories about.

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