Poem 20150507

i saw a fire burning in the sea
in the sea
in the sea
and within the fire grew a tree
grew a tree
grew a tree
its leaves were flames
its fruits were gems
and one of these a diadem

i saw an angel upon the shore
upon the shore
upon the shore
and in its hand a sword it bore
sword it bore
sword it bore
the edges of the blade were eight
made by heaven’s mysterious art
and with the blade it pierced my heart

i saw a tiger in the night
in the night
in the night
its skin was dark but its stripes were bright
stripes were bright
stripes were bright
its mouth was filled, a froth of blood
its feet were hands like those of men
its eyes were ice, its breath a wind

Poem 20150506

we walked
through the dark woods
dark not just because of the canopy
of green and grey leaves
that hid the sky
whenever we came into a clearing
we looked up to find black clouds
and we could taste the metal
tang of rain wanting to happen

but one clearing blinded us
when we entered
we looked up but the clouds
hung black as before
thick and oily

in the center of the clearing
huddled the angel
wings folded over its shoulders
hiding its face
it trembled, racked with sobs
and the light came from a pool
of tears gathering at its sandaled feet
unbearable to behold

we moved on without speaking
either to the angel
or one another
what could drive an angel
to earth
to tears
and what human comfort
could stop those tears

Poem 20150310

i fell through darkness into
deeper darkness
striking the earth with my back
splitting the ground
and splitting my bones
the darkness covered me
my breathing grew ragged
and my pulse faint
until the angels came
they breathed into my mouth
and my lungs filled with fire
they poured water over my wounds
and the black charred husk
washed away from my skin
and i could see the stars
turning and singing
and was happy for the darkness

Poem 20150214

if the stars could sing
would they have voices
like angels feeding the furnaces of
both heaven and hell
or fairies lulling fools into
centuries long sleep
or sirens drawing men
to rocky deaths
or mothers learning to sing lullabies
to quiet irritable children
or the coarse voices of ravens
who cover their words with raucous laughter
but whisper as you pass under their shadows
there are shadows that await you yet

i will tell you a true story

it is for the best
that human ears cannot comprehend
that celestial orchestra
they keep everyone guessing
while they burn themselves to death
in the past
millions and billions of light years away
and their songs
are what you would expect
attendant upon an immolation

Poem 20150204

the moon hangs full and ripe
like a melon
like a breast
like a motorcycle headlight
like an eye
like a cookie
like an alka seltzer tablet
like a window into another world
like a cold princess’s smile
like an angel’s star-shattering voice
like a fairy’s reflection in still water
like a dumpling in a steamer basket