First Printing


I like to do things besides write, and I know I’ve posted at least one picture of my sculptures before. I have more, and really intend to add them. But that’s for later.

The above untitled piece is the beginning of my foray into printmaking. I created the original image by combining found sources in Photoshop and then transferring the etching to a plexiglass plate. The first two editions were in black ink, this and a partner piece in red. The entire effort is very process oriented and really requires you to be present. It’s very different from any other endeavor I’ve tried before. And a lot of fun.

25 thoughts on “First Printing”

      1. Was beginning re-reading the book Thoughts Without a Thinker, and in the preface the author mentions the Zen master Hakuin, who took up painting at the age of 60. Was looking at some of his work, and thought of your post.

      2. That’s awesome! Thanks for the comparison. I know I’ve heard his name, probably in one of the Zen koans I read years ago.

  1. It’s quite impressive! And such process oriented creativity will no doubt lead to a fountain of new inspiration touching all of your endeavors. Or so it happens for me, anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

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