under a rock (20170724)

i crawl upon the earth
on my belly
like a snake
without benefit of limbs

i could coil myself
into a figure eight
the symbol for infinity
or shed my skin
and other symbol
this time for renewal
and immortality
or bite my tail
encircling the world

but the world has been
unkind to snakes
and i think i would
rather find some shade
than be a symbol

11 thoughts on “under a rock (20170724)”

      1. Not sure whether to pivot to Jung (Man and His Symbols) or Umberto Eco (Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language) for a pithy response, but I’m not sure threats of pedantry will get me much, LOL!

  1. But I love those symbols…don’t hide. The ouroboros with the eye inside…I’ve been considering that one of late. (K)

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