The Tupelo Press 30/30 Project for August

Yes, the world has gone stark, raving mad. Someone, somewhere has made a terrible mistake, and accepted me as a participant in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project for August.

What’s that you say? I already write a poem every single day?

Well, you’re right about that.


for the entire month of August, you (yes, YOU) can provide the fertile seeds from which will spring my fevered verse. And, in the process, you can support Tupelo Press in their endeavors to keep independent presses viable, giving writers of all kinds a place to voice the things only they can voice, and reach audiences that they might not be able to engage with on their own.

So, here’s a link to my donation page. There’s a current picture of me. Very, very rare.

And here’s what you can hope to get out of me this month for your support:

  • Pick the Title—For $15, you provide me with a title and I will write a poem about it. Yes, the poem will in some way relate to the title, unlike many of my usual poems. Yes, your title can be whatever you pick.
  • Pick the Words—Also for $15, three words of your choosing will somehow be magically incorporated into a poem.
  • Collab—Another measly $15 will give you the option of writing the first half of a poem, up to five lines, and I will complete you endeavor in my stylish… style.
  • Listen to My Words—For only $25, pick one of the first three options and I will throw in, for a nominal surcharge, a recording of my voice reading that same poem. Two out of three listeners can’t tell the difference between my voice and a burlap sack full of rabid badgers.
  • Put it in Writing—Also for $25, you can pick any one of the first three options and I will send you a physically typed on actual paper copy (including smudges and typos) of the poem you have selected.
  • Kitchen Sink—For $30 you can pick any of the first three options and receive Listen to My Words and Put it in Writing benefits AND save $5. I feel like a KickStarter.

Did you scroll all the way down here, and you’re exhausted by the possibilities and lack the stamina to scroll up to that link? I’ve got you covered. Just move your mouse. Just a little right >here<. Doesn't that feel better?

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