reflection upon an ongoing life and death struggle (20170105)

summer dawn and dusk
comes the coated filthy thief
tip-toed, determined
to steal what he did not tend
and leave rotting evidence
scattered in my field

without fear of my dog’s teeth
mocking my (too-far) raised fist
he leaps from the roof
tossing a bare pit
at me in his spite–but now
the leaves have fallen

winter, no peach, no squirrel


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Meeting the Bar; the Choka

21 thoughts on “reflection upon an ongoing life and death struggle (20170105)”

  1. Man against squirrel…it seems the squirrels usually come out on top. Just this morning my four year old granddaughter asked me if the squirrels were going to eat all of the new mangos that would soon be growing on their tree. They even have the four year old worried!

    1. We put a cone under our feeders, but our feeders were on stands. The rats were the probably with the birdseed. My squirrels were too fancy and only wanted peaches.

  2. a delightful light touched poem – is squirrel hibernating I wonder – dreaming of revenge?

  3. Our indigenous squirrels are less mischievous….more curious hungry critters than the bigger grey squirrels, but I could never trap one..nice little story.

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