regrets (20170104)

when i was walking
i talked to myself
and it was a brilliant
conversation with myself
and really got off on a tangent
that would make
a brilliant piece of writing
once it was tightened up
polished like a rich guy’s

i had my notebook with me
and a pen
but i told myself
it’s too cold to stop
and write that down
you can remember it ’til
you get back to the office

and that’s why you’re
reading this
capital P capital O capital S
and if i wake up
at two am
remember what all the commotion
was about
i’ll write it down
but keep it to myself
damn it

18 thoughts on “regrets (20170104)”

  1. You know, those sorts of moments are brilliant partly because we can’t or don’t capture them…everyone can relate to this, and it needed no polish. The rich guy can keep his monocle, and his electric spoon, too.

    1. I think everyone who writes talks to themselves. If we didn’t, our heads would crack open like an overripe pomegranate.

      1. That means all the pressure is on the outside. OR the vacuum created by the sudden expulsion of words might cause it to cave in on itself…

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I try to always have paper with me but sometimes I don’t and when I have the paper I seem to never have a pen. Sometimes I have gotten home from somewhere and emptied my pocket. I once wrote a poem really tiny on a tiny foil tab from a San Pellegrino lid.

  3. i like it all but especially the last stanza and especially in the last stanza the last three lines which had me laughing aloud at its pissy tone.

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