incarnations (20170926)

i saw death
meandering down
the sidewalk-less
asphalt street
full get up
dark robes
big scythe
aura of gloom
hanging visibly around him
like a cloud
of cheap cigar smoke

his bones clacked
i was in my car
don’t ask me how i know his bones clacked
my windows were rolled up
my stereo was blasting
but they clacked
or clicked
and i thought

who the hell is he here for?

too late
i saw a shadow dart
toward my car
heard the sickening
thump like
driving over a tennis ball
and shuddered

he’s one busy
if he’s picking up squirrels

reflection upon an ongoing life and death struggle (20170105)

summer dawn and dusk
comes the coated filthy thief
tip-toed, determined
to steal what he did not tend
and leave rotting evidence
scattered in my field

without fear of my dog’s teeth
mocking my (too-far) raised fist
he leaps from the roof
tossing a bare pit
at me in his spite–but now
the leaves have fallen

winter, no peach, no squirrel


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Meeting the Bar; the Choka