recipe for a broken sonnet (20161206)

if you really want to fuck someone up
make sure you tell them how much you
care about them and how much
you’re thinking about them
every minute of the day

check their feeds on every social media
platform as often as you can
maybe you could get something for the car
so you can check on them hands-free

send them shit they don’t need
and remind them that you really
really love them and that they’re
the center of your universe

it’s a recipe to scramble their brains
eventually they believe it–or you do


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sonnet agley (20160825)

i don’t want to know how things are going
not with you–not with your resurrected life
i have little interest in knowing
if you’ve given your hair up to the knife

i can’t scrape up the enthusiasm
to hear you talk about your latest trip
once i thought it was because the chasm
widens–a bridge of shoddy workmanship

but really all i can hear is white noise
i feel a constant pressure on my skin
‘neath water where leviathan enjoys
the dark saline fluidity of sin

sunk deeper than any of neptune’s pools
my leather heart blossoms in bleached spicules

the cat in the sonnet (Poem 20160423)

so, sonnets are poems and are about
romance or love or some other such stuff
not sure i can write one, i’m filled with doubt
and love is so silly, a big bunch of fluff
and who reads these things these days anyway?
high school kids with books for brains, ultra nerds
in poetry class looking for a lay
while grinding out some steaming, rhyming turds
well, i suppose that i could chance my hand
isn’t it shakespeare’s birthday, after all?
whatever i write couldn’t be as bland
as the crap i’ve read on the bathroom wall
time to get busy and lay down some rhyme
oh, son-of-a-bitch, i’ve run out of time


National Poetry Month
NaPoWriMo Day 23