metamorphosis in red (20160531)

pain paints a soft portrait in reds
subdued in whisper-light silk threads
(cover us in dark cocoon)

what will appear? we dare to ask
while tugging at the silken mask
(the texture ruptures much too soon)

flame emerges to clear the way
swept out like dancing sparks of day
(we shame the sun, we shame the moon)

with wings of midnight, ashen eyes
we make ascent to starless skies
(dancing again to pain’s red tune)


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #39

8 thoughts on “metamorphosis in red (20160531)”

    1. Thank you! I liked making those third lines rhyme. You can almost read them on their own as a min stanza.

  1. I enjoyed your lyrical; yet pain-filled poem. It reminded me of the song, “Pumped up Kicks” by Foster The People which is a song about a murderer, but the music is surprisingly charming and upbeat. Cool contrast!

  2. I seem to remember a certain someone declaring an aversion to having to rhyme – this is the anti-proof!

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