the message is the medium (poem 20160519)


ignored by meandering seabirds
thrusting beaks into retreating waves
the bottle sat sealed

the occupant
a cylinder of paper rolled
into a tight tube
the way a child would
form a makeshift telescope

no ethereal genie ready to escape
in a plume of silver smoke
no trio of wishes to be granted
by pulling the cork

only paper

paper and words written inside
so that the tube must be unrolled
and held up to the light

do not forget
do not forget
but please
do not remember


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #31: Message in a bottle

13 thoughts on “the message is the medium (poem 20160519)”

    1. Ha ha ha! Thank you, Jane. Guess I’m not wired to write about rainbows. Unless they’re apocalyptic.

      1. Indeed! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken that line and turned it into something else. Will pingback you.

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