transformation (poem 20150515)

full moon
but i’m not going to get
all lon chaney jr. on you

no sudden transformation
not much of a wolf
not much of a man, either
not likely to change

this little light of mine
i’m going to let it shine

no teeth and no fur
(except on my back)
and a useless heart
(except as a clock)
you can keep me around
as a paperweight
big as an eclipsed moon
and as inviting

19 thoughts on “transformation (poem 20150515)”

  1. This made me smile and grimace a bit, too. I liked the conversation tone–all lon chaney jr on you. I pictured this like a movie scene.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you could visualize it as a scene. I was just wondering how different it would have gone if that second line was “and i’m going to get all Lon Chaney Jr. on you.” Different poem, I guess. More Pulp Fiction.

      1. By the way, I had a sudden realisation that if we did a collaboration, we could call it ‘Caw Blimey!’

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