in close up, the peach pit looks like a crater pocked moon (20190827)

let us go then
you and i while
this little light
fails in caution tape stipes
of yellow against green
yellowing grass

everything rolls up
in the egg roll
layer by layer
by layer
like a handroll
with krab, avocado
and mermaid meat
easy on the shoyu

the dog pants
the dogs pant
the dog’s pants

the table etherized patient
has 100,000 miles
of arteries and veins
stretched tightly
when plucked
the vibration is invisible to
the human eye
the sound so high
it cannot be heard
except by resonance
in the blood

let us go (Poem 20160425)

let us go then you and i
nought left for us here but a sky
devoid of stars and divine intervention
the sounds we hear
voices far and near
bind our skins like a suture
ghosts from an hour yet future

you will have my tongue peeled
and i will follow you, well-heeled
through alleys of denied ascension
while evening falls
we hear the calls
of prayers to a moon
gone forever too soon

later we retire to our room
a sweet-scented, well-appointed tomb
we will carve each other in amber suspension
toiling the night
and at our height
delighting in the flesh we flay
as there will be no break of day


National Poetry Month
NaPoWriMo Day 25
Borrowed First Line

Poem 20150601

all new stories
no reprints

the western bluebird hops along
the top of the fence
but stops long enough
to have his photo taken
a photo opp
on his tour of

thrilling tales
of home improvement

the two women in kimonos
pause in the flooded street
sharing a blue umbrella

the views are only
the beginning

we’re going to need
a rosetta stone to