NEW! Open Mic Reading

Yes, that title isn’t lying. The wonderful Rose, our own Poet Rummager, has graciously added a new reading to the October Open Mic page. Check out her sites here (poetrummager) AND here (slashermonster).

You can catch all the sweet voices on the Open Mic Page.

Also, consider this your last reminder for October to get your readings in for this month. Seriously, people.

New Poem on SlasherMonster

Hey, I have a new poem up on SlasherMonster. It answers the age-old question about what to do with a broken heart.

You can check it out here (and it’s the only place you can see this poem right now, so head on over there. It’s scream.

Also be sure to check out Rose’s companion piece and her excellent reading (also available on this month’s Open Mic.

Poem 20150914

o, crimson worm
art thou sick

in thy dark secret, flies

does the invisible storm destroy life

that night
howling in his bed
thy love has found out
and the joy of life rises

This is a remix of The Sick Rose, a poem by William Blake, one of my favorite Poets with a capital P. You can find the original here. I’m pretty sure I used every word and only changed one.