white noise (20220411)

suppose that the buzzing is not tinnitus
neuronal demyelination
damaged blood vessels
psychosomatic or finger jammed in too far
earbuds too tight
music too loud
suppose it is
a bee
a hummingbird
the susurration of leaves
the slippery hiss of sea foam
too much of everything all the time
but in a good way
a baby waking up
the whisper of the universe
coming into being every time
your eyes open

less than nothing (20210415)

the noise buzzing
the eternal hum
that is both in
and not in
my ears

has no
resemblance to music
no beat and no accentuated

if i concentrate
closing my eyes
a sine wave resolves itself
against my eyelids
but this is the invisible illusion
of sound

what is heard is not even
the pressure of disturbed air