white noise (20220411)

suppose that the buzzing is not tinnitus
neuronal demyelination
damaged blood vessels
psychosomatic or finger jammed in too far
earbuds too tight
music too loud
suppose it is
a bee
a hummingbird
the susurration of leaves
the slippery hiss of sea foam
too much of everything all the time
but in a good way
a baby waking up
the whisper of the universe
coming into being every time
your eyes open

8 thoughts on “white noise (20220411)”

    1. I’m only guessing it is. I’ve had it for years and most of the time it disappears. Unless I think about it. Or if it’s very very quiet.

      I have heard of ASMR. Are you suggesting using it to counteract the effects of the tinnitus? I hadn’t heard of that.

      1. info online concerning the connection between the two. I happened to come across it when i tested low b12 a couple months back.

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