unread letters (20170709)

i found your blood
in a red-stained envelope
waiting in my mailbox
throbbing like an organ

the thickened state of it
surprised me though

i thought it would be more akin
to ice water than a
hot, swirling pudding of
reds and browns

easy enough to take a pen
and write
–but carefully
so as not to puncture–
[return to sender]
and lift the heart-red flag
to alert the postman

i didn’t have a letter opener, you see
and i was out of stationery and
razor blades
for a proper reply

repentance [fragment] (20170416)

you have my apologies, of course
truth transmitted directly from source
but too small, words too few
to make much difference to you

my skin a fractured eggshell
spiderweb damage the betraying tell
no need for hell to punish sin
i carry my eternal flames within


It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 16

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