construction (20160616)

i built a house
with my hands
laid a foundation
erected walls
raised a roof
installed windows

i attempted decoration
but stopped at one room
the would floors were okay
but the glass coffee table
and the leather arm chairs
you would have hated them

i didn’t bother to move in
i left it empty
except for those three
pieces of furniture

Poem 20150921

dizzy from a year
in the new house
or maybe it’s
the fumes from cleaning
the stove

you see the things
that have been fixed
but zero in
on the things yet to do
still boxes
in my office
and the yard
is a mess
not dead
but struggling

the finches celebrate
by eating the nyjer seed
out of the swaying feeders
and shitting in the grass

Poem 20150614

this is the house of sleeping women
the house where women sleep
here, the women sleep in this house
except for when they wake
in the middle of the night
and they have to pee
or the cat makes it impossible to
get comfortable
or time is out of joint by five hours
and the morning is dark out the window
and the clocks are all liars
or the dog is licking
and his tags jangle
or every worry rides through their minds
like a chariot driven by achilles dragging hector

this house does not do a good job
tending to the sleeping
but what house does