construction (20160616)

i built a house
with my hands
laid a foundation
erected walls
raised a roof
installed windows

i attempted decoration
but stopped at one room
the would floors were okay
but the glass coffee table
and the leather arm chairs
you would have hated them

i didn’t bother to move in
i left it empty
except for those three
pieces of furniture

7 thoughts on “construction (20160616)”

  1. I sometimes start writing and end up really despising what I’ve written, so I leave it as it is. I find that there are bits and pieces of it I can use to construct another work. Reading your poem made me think about my writing process when I’ve penned something that doesn’t touch my heart. Fascinating.

    1. Me too though I usually just trash the whole thing and let the pieces roll around in the brain jelly until something new emerges. I’m glad you saw something resonating in this one. The secret behind it is super boring.

      1. Hmm. I wish I could save paper and just let something find its own meaning in my brain, but I’m very visual and tactile. Paper is essential to me. Brain jelly — I love that! You’re not gonna spill your boring secret??

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