When it Rains

You know what they say, when it rains, you get really, really wet.

Or something.

The first two entries for the December Open Mic are:

Pleasant Street, with patches. You really, really ought to follow her blog.

And, the surprising, delightful Poet Rummager. I call her Rose, and it’s not on account of her thorns. You know, cause that’s her name. Her whimsical open mic entry, Frost, is about one hot momma and a really, really icy boyfriend.

Check out the links on the December Open Mic page and do yourself a favor: recording something and send me the link. I’ve been busy bossing the elves around in the workshop and I really, really don’t want to leave you a lump of coal.

December Open Mic



No, I’m not making personal remarks. It’s that time of year when fat, bearded guys like me laugh maniacally and write poetry about reindeer and snow and yule logs.

Mmm… logs…

So, give me the gift I really want instead of socks or a tie. Submit to the Open Mic.


Santa commands you!

The Skinny:

  1. Record yourself reading one of your own works.
  2. Post it on your site.
  3. Include a link to this site in your post.
    OR Comment on that month’s call for entries
    OR send me a message using the contact form.
  4. I will post a link with your name and poem title RIGHT HERE.
  5. It’s an open mic invitation. NOT a challenge.

Some tips:

  • Go simple.
    I record using my iPhone, then email/share the file with myself. I very rarely edit it, unless I really waited too long to start talking.
  • Want better quality?
    You can get a relatively inexpensive mic on Amazon that you can hook up to your computer. Some of there come with editing software. If I do edit, I use Audacity on the Mac. It’s free and pretty easy to use. There’s a version for Windows, too.
  • Hosting.
    If you pay WordPress to host your site, you can add your audio by clicking on the Add Media button in the post editor. Have the free WordPress? You have options.All of the sites below will let you upload audio. Some will host for free up to a certain amount of storage. (I think with Youtube, you’ll have to upload a movie, but you use a still image and add your poem.)

  • Questions?
    Ask below or contact me using the contact form (up above). I’ll try to help you out!
  • And if you have any tips, feel free to share them!

December 2016


Pleasant Street


Poet Rummager

Final (November) Open Mic

Here it is, the last post I am adding to the November Open Mic. It is my own piece. I realized that I couldn’t close the month without contributing something. My wife even told me that would be “bad form.”

I thank you all for listening, and for checking out the November Open Mic page for all the other great contributions.

Tomorrow is the first day of December. Start thinking about what you want to post this last month of a very long, very turbulent year. How many artists did we lose, how much hope, how much starlight gave way to the pitch of night?

Just remember, we’re all stars. We all shine. We can fill the night sky with fire.

long enough (words)

Open Mic–Not So Easy Bein’ Green

Y’all should hop on over to the November Open Mic page and check out the latest offering by Poet Rummager, our very own Rose. It’s so fun, you’ll croak.

You should also make the leap and follow her blog. I’d say more, but I have a frog in my throat.

the runcheon rattles

photo by Driscoll

the runcheon rattles, its chains are long
it keens a ghostly murder song
upon the moors, upon the heath
with rasping, fetid, icy breath

the runcheon rattles, its chains unwind
with wailing moan it hunts though blind
across the meadow, out of the wood
where no child ventures whose soul is good

the runcheon rattles, its chains pulled taut
’tis bloody though it lacks a heart
amidst the town, within the lane
it shudders in the cold and rain

the runcheon rattles, its chains a ruin
its labored breath a grating tune
beyond the hedge, through the gate
it tarries not lest it be late

the runcheon rattles, by chains unbound
all too soon its prey’s been found
upon your hearth a sudden frost
the runcheon rattles–and you are lost

Updated August Open Mic

Yes, the fabulous, if somewhat naughty, Rose pinged the Open Mic page, and pinged it rather hard. Go listen to it, at her very own site.

And I said I would post a new reading for everyone that comes in for the rest of the month, so here you are.

summerless blood


The Readings

Well, that was fast. Pleasant Street of Are You Thrilled delivered a fantastic little poem on a recent near-death experience. You an hear it/read it at her site. And as promised, I have added two readings below.

Click to visit the Open Mic for August page.

Click to read these are the angels.

Click to read carousel

Readings and Such Matters

So,  in this post, I asked some of you to pick a poem for me to read, and some of you did. And I do very much appreciate it. I had three poems suggested and I’ve recorded all three. I will post one tomorrow.

I will post the second IF I can get somebody else to post a link to the August Open Mic post.

I will post the third IF I can get a second somebody else to post a link to the August Open Mic post.

And so on. I’ll go back and eve re-read some of my old posts, as debilitating as that may be, and scrounge up one reading for every post that you, dear poets, link to on your own sites.

Come on, make me work. Make me dance like your puppet. I like it!