Final (November) Open Mic

Here it is, the last post I am adding to the November Open Mic. It is my own piece. I realized that I couldn’t close the month without contributing something. My wife even told me that would be “bad form.”

I thank you all for listening, and for checking out the November Open Mic page for all the other great contributions.

Tomorrow is the first day of December. Start thinking about what you want to post this last month of a very long, very turbulent year. How many artists did we lose, how much hope, how much starlight gave way to the pitch of night?

Just remember, we’re all stars. We all shine. We can fill the night sky with fire.

long enough (words)

6 thoughts on “Final (November) Open Mic”

  1. Listened twice, thank you for recording that. It adds so much meaning to the poem.
    Hope is still there in the darkness-

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