departures (20171004)

you say
–see you tomorrow

i can’t help but be astonished
at the clarity
the unassuming confidence
in those three words
any one of which might
be overtyped with hyphens or Xs

of course you expect a tomorrow
you had one yesterday
but past performance is
no guarantee of future results
and we’re all asking ourselves
that question these days

what about that presumption
of my being here
i’m old
getter older at an alarming rate
and i’m not exactly in great shape
not that i’m in particularly bad shape
either but even if we rule out disease
we can’t rule out accident
it’s those other drivers
(not you and certainly not me)
i’m worried about
barring disaster
what if i oversleep and decide
to hell with it
the world’s not going end
if i don’t get out of bed

then we come to your eyes
those fabulous eyes
liquid soft like autumn rain
who’s to say you won’t eat a bad
cookie and the bacteria
will specifically target your optic nerve
or that you be driven to some
wholly inappropriate oedipal frenzy

–see you later
is how i reply
keeping it vague
keeping it hopeful
keeping it light

19 thoughts on “departures (20171004)”

  1. I have recently adding at the end of any expression of my present intention(s) “or that’s the plan”. A non-muslim version of insha’Allah I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “wholly inappropriate oedipal frenzy” — major points for that. The ending is really great too, with the repetition.

  3. i poem to start the day with.

    great job keeping the voice and tone consistent from beginning to end… the shift with “then we come to your eyes
    those fabulous eyes” is splendid and there seems there might be a hopeful twist, then we get the splendid oepidal frenzy and it’s splendidly back to where we were.

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