not the territory (20170319)

the map is not
the territory

or so they say

but drive a pin
into a point not blue
and everyone there sees
descending from the heavens
like some silver judgment
of divine origin
a javelin as big
as a city block
entering the earth
like a rough boyfriend
with about as much foreplay
opening the ground
breaking the waterlines
and gas mains
demolishing city squares
and family picnics
and political rallies
and games of frisbee golf
and hippies making out
and dog runs (hopefully the dogs
are smart enough to run for it
suck it you hippies)

we would have to redraw the maps
and not leave the dragons in the
corners or at the edges
spread those flames and scales
across the face of the earth

but this is already the case

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      1. No rush. I like it when men take their time. Hahaha! Ah, it’s been one of those days… Thanks for the distraction and fun. Now back to reality.

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