giggles and hits (20170227)

taking up pen, preparing a page
sober, serious–really quite sage–
i wrestled a wriggle
a jiggly smudge–no more than a giggle

struggling to make it behave
ultimately, i was the slave
discovering, to my chagrin
taming a word is a terrible sin


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #27: giggle

30 thoughts on “giggles and hits (20170227)”

  1. Words are like that as they wiggle from our memory banks before that elusive pen is found to write them down…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  2. Words are like little insects — never standing still and always in a hurry. Great imagery! Excellent quadrille. (I wrote my very first one on SMM).


    1. Thank you! I really like the quadrille. This one was twice as long at the beginning. Lots and lots of slashing.

  3. Very humorous! The struggle of taming words is a tricky process. I am but a vessel to their elusive ways, though I do try to crack the whip at times, to minimal avail. Best to wait until they are ready to make their entrance. Tempt them with a curious offering, like a hubble bubble. πŸ™‚

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