soundtrack (20170209)

i’ve been skipping
through my music

one song after another
arranged like a handful
of thrown dice

waiting for the right chord

i wish i could play
an instrument
but i hate practicing

did you see the ending
to my movie
the real ending
not that crap they
played in the theaters
or on tv

there was no heroic victory
no parade

a meteor crashed into my chest
you can only see it
on the director’s cut
special limited edition
blue-ray release

i’m sorry
it’s only available
in new zealand
for some reason

at some point
i start hearing the same
songs and wonder
if i missed something

15 thoughts on “soundtrack (20170209)”

    1. I hope she texts you as soon as she lands. I know how travelling children can be wellsprings of anxiety.

      I’ve never been to NZ myself.

  1. I love your world of surrealism. I believe there’s another dimension we enter when we read your poems. Truly mind bending. And so…. dare I say it? Brilliant.

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