light on, light off (20161231)

in the dream, we drive
the radio buzzes
we must be in europe
because you are at the wheel
and you are on my right

you laugh
your smile burns
blindness inducing white
an atomic bomb going off
each time you open your mouth

like a fridge
the door opens
the light comes on
the door closes
the light goes off
inside, when it works,
when it does its job,
it is dark
it is cold
all movement ceases
everything is preserved
especially the rot

2 thoughts on “light on, light off (20161231)”

  1. For me, this is the haunting write. It reminds me of unspoken things that await as doom in the future, between two people perhaps, but with plans to spread to as many as possible and allowed.
    I wish you a Happy New Year!

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