druid (20160827)

in some other life
before rome
rampaged bloody
through gaul
in that other life
i was a druid
tree worshipper
listening to
leaves whispering
telling the wind’s secrets
even now
i stop when i hear
that familiar rustle
straining to make out
those faint words

10 thoughts on “druid (20160827)”

      1. It did. There is an old story–maybe you know it–that before Noah released a dove from the ark, he released a crow. The crow didn’t come back, because he found Ireland. He landed there and became the first druid. I was thinking about that earlier when I read the Trope’s latest. Then I read this. Great poem, good timing. 🙂

      2. I have never heard that story (the part about him finding Ireland and becoming the first Druid. What a cool coincidence!

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