revenant (20160712)

i saw a revenant
working at starbucks

of course, he still had
to smile–it’s the law

he looked over the tops
of everyone’s heads

not like he was above
pulling espresso

more like he was dead
and that whatever spirit

that once played guest (or geist)
had fled and left him

with just the smile
and lights out eyes


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Guest

10 thoughts on “revenant (20160712)”

  1. Of course, the revenant would be working at Starbucks. Everyone is a ghost before their first cup of coffee. Seriously, I loved your poetry, and I’ll take two shots of your words — black and potent. xo

    1. Ha ha ha! You know the writer Kelly Link? She wrote a story about reviving the dead so they can work menial jobs and pay off their debts.

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