the escape of air (20160602)

you are my paper
i dip my fingers
deep into black ink
write words
on your skin
new words no one
can pronounce
except as a low moan
at the back
of the throat
chasing after air
long since escaped

10 thoughts on “the escape of air (20160602)”

  1. Even though this is a relatively short poem, the strength of it lies in the imagery and the considerations it evokes. It’s easy to see parity between the speaker and their significant with that of a poet and their medium, but to me this runs deeper than a poet/muse relationship.
    I’m very fond of poetry which can use a relatively simple image in a way which seems so emotionally significant, it certainly doesn’t happen by accident!
    I really like the ending of this one and how it speaks of eliciting a ‘wow’ which comes from deep within.

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