shards (20160526)

molten glass beautifully drawn
long glowing threads and soft blisters
that cool and shrink, now lifeless yawns
drop it–it lives again as shards

young love, stepping so like a fawn
upon new grass under new suns
how quickly shadows strike the dawn
drop it–it lives again as shards

my heart beat once strongly upon
your every glance, you resurrected
it, and you were careful not to
drop it–it lives again as shards


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #32:
Dreaming trees/Kyrielle

16 thoughts on “shards (20160526)”

    1. Thank you. Luckily, the rhyme is so forgiving, but I can’t say I’ll be visiting this form again soon. I did like the final effect, though.

    1. It’s true. And really, what can you accomplish in this world if you haven’t had your heart broken?

    1. Thanks! I just realized I screwed up the rhyme scheme in the last stanza. Rhyming=not my thing. But I try.

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